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The Radicalization Funnel

Millions of Americans are aggressively targeted with disinformation intended to radicalize and divide them at scale. Lies are wrapped in culturally relevant content and repeated incessantly online and on-air until accepted as truth by believers.

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A Return to Democratic Norms

We are committed to building a world where truth wins out over disinformation. Our work is focused on returning to a time when we could come together to support the better good of the country – through science, laws, and education. When politicians with differing opinions could act like adults.

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Our latest campaign: Protecting Transgender Youth

Help us defend the truth

Our Fights

The Big Lie

The orchestrated lie that the 2020 election was stolen led to a direct attack on our republic and inflicted lasting damage to our country and our democracy.

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In the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, the World Health Organization called out that we were suffering from an infodemic – misinformation about the disease and vaccine.

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Climate Change Denial

Climate change is a decades-old target for well-financed misinformation and the effects have been catastrophic.

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Our team is working on the front-lines to fight disinformation.

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We can win our fellow citizens back from the darkest corners of the internet and give truth the digital ally it desperately needs.

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