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Our Theory of Change

Disinformation is being sold the same way you sell toothpaste, resulting in the dangerous erosion of our democracy. To survive, democracy must be sold the same way.

We give truth an ally

About Us

To defend truth above the tsunami of disinformation plaguing our country, we create hyper-targeted content that disrupts and replaces false narratives. As one of the only organizations leading with an audience-first approach, we connect with seemingly out-of-reach communities and deeply engage them with inexpensive, culturally compelling content.

Our History

We Defend Truth (formerly TruthNotLies) was formed as a 527 in 2020 to respond to the proliferation of disinformation in US elections, with an eye toward delivering engaging, persuasive counter-narratives to Trump voters. Following the 2020 cycle, we launched a 501c3 and a 501c4 in order to expand our reach and persuade more Americans through fact-driven counter-narratives. Founded and led by an inclusive team and Board of Directors that centers diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of WDT’s core values, we are committed to building an organization that reflects and represents the demographic and identities that comprise our democracy.

Our Values

Truth, Transparency, & Impact. We’re here to defend the truth – which means sticking to the facts and prioritizing accuracy. Truth requires transparency – which is why we’ll always be upfront about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and our results. Impact is everything – if it isn’t working, it isn’t worth doing. That’s what we’re all about.

Our Strategy

RESEARCH subconscious drivers and motivations

CREATE values-based, culturally-compelling content

REWARD engagement by validating identity

Build a TRUSTED relationship

DISRUPT damaging, hurtful narratives

Drive algorithmic feedback that AMPLIFIES truth

Our Creators & Content

We recruit unorthodox creators of some of the web’s most viral content, including one of the top GIF makers on Reddit and Imgur. We Defend Truth content regularly goes viral and has been VIEWED OVER 29 MILLION TIMES! Access to our comprehensive content library available upon request, for more information contact [email protected].

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We can win our fellow citizens back from the clutches of the darkest corners of the internet and give the truth the digital ally it desperately needs.

Meet the Team

Jehmu Greene

CEO / Founder

An award-winning media and advocacy strategist, Jehmu is a Fox News Political Analyst where she has promoted progressive values and policies on the network for the last 12 years. Together with Jose Vargas, Alicia Menendez and Jake Brewer, she co-founded Define American, an organization that uses media and culture to elevate the immigration reform conversation. As a Founding Board Member and national trainer for VoteRunLead, Jehmu travels the country training women candidates to run as they are. Jehmu previously served as president of Rock the Vote, where under her leadership young voter turnout had the highest increase ever recorded; and president of the Women’s Media Center where she trained progressive women to use media to amplify their impact. A proud Texan, Jehmu still dreams of becoming a country music singer.

David Goldstein

Chief Of Strategy / Founder

David has worked on numerous local, state, and national campaigns as a pollster and strategist, for leaders ranging from President Obama and Senator Cory Booker in the US, to Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the UK and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Ukraine. Since 2016, he has collaborated with policymakers, academics and the media to establish how to protect democracy in the new digital era, and led efforts that drove record-breaking turnout for Greta Thunberg at the Global Climate Strike. Having delivered winning results/real results for Democratic candidates in deep-red states like Alabama and Tennessee, David is widely sought after by national media seeking to understand the impact of disinformation on elections. He worked closely with the New York Times in early 2020 to reveal how Democrats were still struggling with modernizing their digital/data efforts and has been featured on ABC News, Planet Money, and Bloomberg TV.

Mayren Rancifer

Communications Strategist

Mayren is a communications professional passionate about gender equality, civil rights, and immigration reform. She has focused her professional career on progressive advocacy and political campaigns, including U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff’s campaign and Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. Born in Mexico, Mayren immigrated to the United States as a child, is a DACA recipient and remains fluent in Spanish. She resides in Texas with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

Janay Cody

Data Scientist

Janay Cody is a behavioral data scientist and data equity advisor with 15 years of experience creating equitable data governance, inclusive data driven cultures, data literacy training, randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental testing, survey research, segmentation, machine learning models, and quality control solutions.

Her analytic solutions and culturally relevant insights have been integrated into organizational operations and community engagement campaigns of philanthropies including Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Family Fund; data and tech companies including Catalist, Movement Labs, and Analyst Institute; and civic engagement organizations across the United States.

Cody previously worked for the Analyst Institute, where she led research strategy, experimental design and implementation, and training for civic organizations across 22 states and collaborated with colleagues to build systems for flagging biases in data, advocate for more inclusive research, and design equity policies. She also co-authored a major assessment of educational testing in urban school districts for Educational Testing Services.

Cody received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Notre Dame, where her research focused on public opinion and quantitative research methods.

Zachary Dominitz


Zachary Dominitz is a relationship builder, writer, and brand builder with more than 25 years experience building teams, brands and business. He’s had the privilege of working with the likes of Oxfam, Unicef, and Amnesty International as Director of Partnerships for; serving on the executive team as Head of Corporate Affairs for CafeDirect; writing a column for the Huffington Post, and storytelling for The White House in the Media Affairs department for President Clinton. Most recently he led a global team of 50 overseeing partnerships for Terracycle, directing more than 450 relationships with global CPG companies. He spent six years in the agency world, 5 as VP of Business Development at Siegel+Gale and one as SVP Partnerships and CMO at CBX. He’s helped build and launch companies and nonprofits addressing topics from water aid and carbon offsets to social media technology and eco-conscious consumer goods. He serves on the Board of The Literacy Trust and previously at The Ad Council.

Born in London and raised in Northern California , Zachary has worked and studied in the US, Europe, Australia, and South America. He has a BA in Communications from UCLA and an MBA from London Business School.

Meet our Board

amanda-enyati 1
Amanda Enayati

Culture and communications strategist and author, and founder and CEO of The Coherence Lab.

sarah 1
Sarah Szalavitz

Founder and CEO of 7Robot, a social design firm.

Sonia Van Meter – Board – About Page
Sonia Van Meter

Managing Partner of Stanford Campaigns, an opposition research firm.

Meet our Advisory Board

1200px-Cheryl_Contee_-_Headshot 1
Cheryl Contee

Chief Innovation Officer of Impact Seat, Founder and Chair of Do Big Things and Board Chair, Netroots Nation.

Jaime Greenberg – Advisory Board – About Page
Jaime Greenberg

Former Development Director, Malala Fund

peter_loge_approved 1
Peter Loge

Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs and Director of the Project on Ethics in Political Communication at George Washington University.

Nicole Kassell – Advisory Board – About Page
Nicole Kassell

Television Director, The Americans, The Woodsmen, Watchmen, The Leftovers, Claws

Tobi 1
Tobi Konitzer

Co-founder of Predictwise, a leading progressive digital analytics firm.

Yosi Sergant – Advisory Board – About Page
Yosi Sergant

Founder of TaskForce, and renowned for commissioning and managing the creation of the “Hope” poster for the Obama 2008 presidential campaign.

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We can win our fellow citizens back from the darkest corners of the internet and give truth the digital ally it desperately needs.

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